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Material Matters,2019

November 14, 2019 – January 15, 2020

Little Syam, Oh&Ah by Sweii, RAW by Lina and Ummi Junid

Material Matters celebrates  artisanal craftsmanship of four Malaysian artists,  working in a rich variety of materials, including natural dye textiles and  upcycled as well as bespoke furnishing.  The four creators :  Samsiah Jendol (Little Syam),  Redzlina Abdul Wahab (RAW),  Sweii Chong (Oh&Ah),    and  Ummi Junid,  follow traditional craft techniques reworked  to a contemporary context.  The works speak to each other, placed within the open interiors of  Gallery Residence,  as testaments to expertise,  function and beauty.  

Graduate Research Residency – Look East

SGA’s Research Residency for Graduate Study offers academic and creative practitioners optimum conditions for reflection, study and field research.

Set in SGA’s award winning Gallery Residence, the location of the residency allows for easy exploration of vibrant Kuala Lumpur whilst also providing a retreat to the leafy suburbs of Petaling Jaya. The Gallery Residence is a conceptual space built around SGA’s ethos of living with art and boasts effective design for green living, being one of the first projects in Malaysia to receive Green Building certification.

The Residency includes self-catering accommodation with shared communal spaces and use of a concept studio space and library.  Research Resident to cover all expenses and subsidised accommodation cost of US$2,500/month/person. Grants available for special projects.

Application Materials:

  1. Cover Letter stating research topic, duration and funding sources.
  2. Resume with 2 Referee contacts

Submit to: