Exploring East Residency

The Exploring East Residency (EER) provided meaningful and immersive introduction to cultural projects in the fast-developing South East Asian region. Designed for mature and motivated candidates, the programme allowed for the development of valuable multi-tasting and qualitative skills, as well as research and writing. EERs have gone on to follow numerous career paths, including in major museums and galleries; in legal and corporate fields; and as artists. The EER Programme operated from 2011 – 2019.

Past Residents’ Observations

The EER at SGA is a steep learning curve that allows you the unique opportunity to be right at the heart of a contemporary art gallery’s operations. At the end of the EER, you will be able to boast playing an active role across day-to-day operations, exhibitions, installation, communications and administration, all whilst experiencing the beauty that South East Asia has to offer. – Perrine Davari, The University of Edinburgh

The EER at SGA comprised an involved and exciting experience of gallery management in a unique environment. Staying and working at the Gallery Residence, I was exposed to the broad and multidirectional facets of running such a compelling space; interviewing and meeting artists, managing events and openings, and curating the virtual spaces behind the physical site. To be able to help with and gain experience of these processes, meet the fascinating people behind them, and travel to equally fascinating places was indelibly memorable. – Will Forrester, Oxford University

The EER gives invaluable professional experience. As an EER Resident, you are given the freedom to help manage a gallery at the start of your career. – Katie Vann, Cambridge University

The EER program was a huge component of my securing a job due to the international exposure and experience it proved for me. In addition, the management were very impressed with the immersive and variable nature of the EER program and how it allowed me to engage with such a variety of clients and visitors. On a personal note, the EER program was a milestone in my life and I look back to my time in Malaysia with pride and appreciation. – Gemma Eades, Melbourne University

SGA provides a unique opportunity to explore Southeast Asia while learning the ins and outs of gallery management. There is no other opportunity quite like it. – Naimonu James, Harvard University

Vision Culture Artist Residency

SGA’s Artist Residency program facilitates development of artistic careers as an opportunity for research, practice and cultural encounters within SE Asia. The residency is hosted in SGA’s Gallery Residence, a conceptual space built around SGA’s ethos of living with art. The building is at the forefront of modern architectural style, boasting effective design for green living and was one of the first projects in Malaysia to receive Green Building certification. Scope for project proposals is broad and artists working in any medium will be considered. Applications will be judged on the quality of ideas and demonstrated previous self-authored work. The residency allows for wide exploration and experimentation over a stated period (usually 4-6 weeks), culminating in the presentation of the completed project through exhibition and/or workshops.

“The great support SGA provided, allowed me to deepen my research and facilitated the execution of my project, through connections and networking that was essential to the successful outcome of my residency. The challenges and opportunities the program offered created a very rewarding experience!” – Claudia Cannizzaro, VC Artist

Gallery Residence programme is no longer hosted.