With over two decades of expertise in transformational projects that speak to local and global dynamics, Shalini Ganendra Advisory continues to grow transnational engagement and multi-disciplinary emphasis and cultural distinction.

The Advisory has developed and lead important platforms for multi-disciplinary and trans-national engagement and exploration, developing meaningful and impactful cultural encounters.

“We  practise cultural entrepreneurship to include value creation through complementary quality access and scaling of economies.  The development  of ‘cultural capital’ for community and individual benefit has been the foundation of our work.”

Pioneering projects have been introduced to South East Asia, including the Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur, Residencies, Exhibitions and Education modules. The Advisory’s organizational objectives and philosophy support regional creators in the propagation and recognition of contemporary, “vernacular” languages and practices.

The Advisory practice continues to grow an extensive and varied project portfolio, whether for private or institutional collections, cultural education, or community marquees, always appreciating the need for identity and clear narrative to succeed.