Shalini Ganendra Fine Art



b.1983   Cambodia


Award winning artist, Vollak Kong, believes that as an artist he “should experiment with design, drawing, sculpture, photography, performance…everything.” He studied fine art and sculpture at the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh and has exhibited in Cambodia since 2005 and New York in 2013. He was awarded a prestigious Asian Cultural Council Grant to take up a residency in New York City in 2012.


Kong has been impacted by a decade of rapid transformations in his home city of Phnom Penh, most notably, the structures of change. He has developed a distinct aesthetic profile through the depiction of urban forms, in two and three dimensional formats. The artist explains, “the problems in the city, such as overbuilding, overcrowding, and increasing pollution and traffic, pushed me to do this work. And by doing the work, I have gained some clarity on what hierarchies should be.” The resulting charcoal drawings – made by carving into deliberate black stains on canvas from an oil lamp – express these anxieties. Bleak grid-like images allude to intersecting scaffolds. The new Ancestral Portraits series, (represented exclusively by SGFA), marries the inanimate with animate, exploring the power of and balance between structural and cultural development. He maintains his wonderful black and white palette, giving “strength and clarity” to image and message.

Woven, 2013




Major Exhibitions


2013  Phadeth, Group etching exhibition at Bliss on Bliss art studio, New York City, USA

Open studio, Group open studio artists at Governor Island, New York City (USA)


2012  Our City Festival, sculpture and installation works at No Problem Park building in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)


2009  Pillar, Java Café and Gallery, Cambodia


2008  Art of Survival, Metahouse, Cambodia


2007  Spirit House, Khmer Arts Academy, Cambodia