Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory

Vin Sze yong


b. 1991, Malaysia


As a young emerging Malaysian artist, Vin Sze Yong’s art practice is characterised by a myriad of orchestrated mediums and textiles used in conjunction to provoke ideas of different consumer experiences. With a developing practice, Yong works with installation, paper engineering, printmaking, letterpress and textile art. Her body of work sits within a grey area, exploring between craft, fine art and illustration.


Using both materiality and the materiality’s histories, she investigates the creative field outside an otherwise digitally oriented culture. Her current focus is on the relationship between identity and physical appearance, particularly on human face. Informed by the perception of identity that is currently continually changing and evolving, parallel to the transformation of the cultural, scientific and technological perspectives of a globalized world, Yong questions our modern identification of the individual. In one series, The Concealment, she has painstakingly created hand-made masks that counter the new phenomenon that our own faces have become the canvas for the physical masks we hide behind. The mask is a face. It is at once an interpretation, a denial, a hideout and a new identity.


Yong completed her M.A. in Illustration at The University of Hertfordshire, 2016, after a B.A in Graphic Design from Notting Trent University, 2013.

The Concleament