Very Image, 2016



Very Image,curated by Sean C. S. Hu, featured seven of the founding members of renowned artist cooperative, VT Artsalon: Jui-Chung Yao, Wen-Chi Chen, Wei-Cheng Tu, Chun-Hao Chen, Dar-Kuen Wu, Hui-Yu Su and Isa Ho.  Hu himself is the eighth founder of the cooperative. Through this two-month exhibition, with accompanying  educational components, VT Artsalon introduced the works of these artists and also their views on the development of contemporary art in Taiwan, international markets, art practise generally, and collector development. Included in the itinerary were talks at local universities and the National Visual Gallery, as well as portfolio reviews and exhibition tours.

Following VT Artsalon’s founding philosophy and based on its members’ magnum opuses, Very Image fostered artistic and cultural exchange. The title of this exhibition refers not only to the shown images, but also to the personal, cultural imagery they  evoked through the variety of mediums used.