Summer Vignettes, 2018


Summer Vignettes 2018 featured a selection of dynamic Malaysian artists and designers, in a celebration of inter-disciplinary skill. Established and emerging Malaysian artists: Haris Abadi, Azliza Ayob, Al-Khuzairie Ali, Shaq Koyok, Zac Lee, Zulkifli Lee, Kim Ng, Zelin Seah, Elias Yamani Bin Ismail, and newcomer, VinSze Yong, (recently returned from UK graduate art study) – presented new works in a mixture of mediums, including works on paper, canvas, wall sculpture, and ceramic. Malaysian designers Super Struxture, SND, and DAPO showcased wool yarn lighting, elegant tableware, and funky furniture design.  Combined elements of art and design created a wonderfully symbiotic aesthetic that compliments and enhances the SGA ethos of living with art.