Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory



b. 1971   Sri Lanka


Driven by questions of social and political identity in the context of post-colonial South Asia, the work of Sujeewa Kumari explores the place of the woman in art and society. She makes use of the myriad possibilities of painting and photography.


Sujeewa often puts herself at the centre of her artistic investigations into the liminal spaces inhabited and performed by women. Her self-portraits blend performances, natural soundtracks, photography and digital manipulation, requiring the viewer to reconsider what is seen and what remains invisible.


She prefers working with a range of different media, and her works on paper are constructed as a combination of physical and mental sensations, representing poetic and emotional expressions. Incorporating images from her past, she brings them into dreamlike conversations with contemporary experience, offering uncertain yet compelling insights into modern existence to the viewer.


Her works have been featured in a number of public shows, including every Colombo Biennial and the Dhaka Art Summit 2018.


Performance and installation

Goddess, 2011

Mixed media on paper

Self-portrait, 2011

Mixed media on paper

Moonlight, 2012

Mixed media on paper