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b.1930   England


“Life is short, the art is long.” So wrote Hippocrates. Life is now longer thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, some of which have been created by Sir Roy Calne. Calne, an award-winning transplant surgeon and former Professor of Surgery at Cambridge University, has contributed to life and art – to make both longer and fuller. He has been twice nominated for the Nobel.


As a child, Sir Roy was fascinated by drawing, images and colour. He went on to qualify and excel in the field of medicine, but continued his interest in art. In 1988, the distinguished Scottish painter John Bellany had a liver transplant and during his recuperation, he and Sir Roy became friends. The artist gave the surgeon art lessons and through this exchange, Sir Roy realized more fully the impact of painting – both in capturing and communicating an image to a viewer or subject and, from the artist’s perspective, the process of creating that image. He also realized the immense benefit derived from painting patients, who relaxed under his artistic gaze, and appreciated the time for conversing.


In the past few years, Calne has painted friends and colleagues, adults and children and a host of other subjects. In the last decade he has ventured into sculpting and produced figurative bronzes that are energized with movement.

Lolypop, 2016


58 x 42 cm




Major Exhibitions


2017  BLOOM, Solo exhibition at SGFA @ Gallery Residence


2013  The Art of Giving, Solo exhibition at SGFA, Gallery Residence, KL


2011  Looking to See, Solo exhibition of New Works. SGFA, Gallery Residence, KL


2008  Solo exhibition of New Works. SGFA, Gallery Residence, KL


2003  Exhibition of Works. Churchill College, Cambridge

 Solo exhibition of New Works, SGFA, KL


2001  Exhibition of Works, Trinity Hall, Cambridge


1998  Solo exhibition of New Works, SGFA, KL


1993  Bangkok, 3rd Congress of Asian Soc. Of  Transplantation


1992  Singapore, 1st Int.Congress on Transplantation in Developing Countries.


1991  The Barbican, London




Medical – Selected landmarks


1998-2003  Yeoh Ghim Professor of Surgery, National University of Singapore and Consultant of Novartis


1998  Professor of Surgery Emeritus, Cambridge University


1992-1994  President of the International Transplantation Society


1992  First intestinal transplant in the United Kingdom


1986  Knight Bachelor


1979  First pancreas transplant in the United Kingdom


1978  First clinical use of new potent immunosuppressant cyclosporine following laboratory experiments in the Cambridge Department of Surgery


1974  Elected Fellow of the Royal Society


1968  Started first European Liver Transplant Programme – now more than 1,200 cases


1965  Appointed Professor of Surgery, University of Cambridge and Fellow of Trinity

 General Surgeon with special interest in organ transplantation

 Started Cambridge kidney transplant programme – now more than 1,600 cases


1998  Philip Morris Asean Art Exhibition Tour, Singapore Art Museum & Brunei Museum

Recent Acquisitions 1995-1998 Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Malaysia


1960-1961  Harkness Fellow at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital at Harvard Medical School in Boston


1959  Started research on organ transplantation at the Royal College of Surgeons of England and described the first effective immunosuppression using

6-mercaptopurine for kidney transplantation


1952  Medical Graduate Guys Hospital, London



Select Publications


Too Many People, pub. Calder 1994.

Art Surgery and Transplantation, pub. Williams and Wilkins 1996.

The Ultimate Gift pub. Headline 1998.

Numerous ArticlesOther interests : Tennis, squash, skiing.Prizes, Honorary Doctorates and Fellowships – see WHO’S WHO entry

The Fight, 2007

Watercolour on paper

54 x 37 cm

Dancers Ed. 10, 2005


Flowers, 2007


54 x 39 cm


Charcoal on paper

40 x 30 cm

Bending Figure, 2002

Charcoal and oil pastel

50 x 35 cm