Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory



The SGFA PavilionNOW project celebrates Malaysian design talent by  collaborating with a selected Malaysian designer/architect  to design,  create and build a pavilion at SGFA’s award winning Gallery Residence.


Hosted at SGFA’s award-winning green building, Gallery Residence, PavilionNOW involves the annual construction of a ‘pavilion space’ through a process that emphasizes originality, efficiency, materiality and economics. PavilionNOW celebrates innovation, capacity building and place-making. University students shadow the chosen Architect, through all project stages.


The PavilionNOW remains at site for 6 – 8 months,  engaging with  art, performance and educational projects that incorporate the pavilion into their respective genres. The hope is that each annual pavilion will live on at an external site, continuing to inspire generations to come.


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