Material Matters,2019

November 14, 2019 – January 15, 2020

Little Syam, Oh&Ah by Sweii, RAW by Lina and Ummi Junid

Material Matters celebrates  artisanal craftsmanship of four Malaysian artists,  working in a rich variety of materials, including natural dye textiles and  upcycled as well as bespoke furnishing.  The four creators :  Samsiah Jendol (Little Syam),  Redzlina Abdul Wahab (RAW),  Sweii Chong (Oh&Ah),    and  Ummi Junid,  follow traditional craft techniques reworked  to a contemporary context.  The works speak to each other, placed within the open interiors of  Gallery Residence,  as testaments to expertise,  function and beauty.  

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