Shalini Ganendra, Founder

Shalini Ganendra

Shalini Ganendra is a cultural leader with over twenty five years of project experience with local and transnational impact.

As founder of Shalini Ganendra Advisory a cultural advisory that has developed far reaching marquees such as the Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur as well as numerous cross –cultural initiatives including the Vision Culture Lectures, Artists’ Residencies and Research Programmes, she is a believer in the impact of quality and accessible cultural engagement, as a vital part of nation building, community development and informed global discourse.

The Advisory works closely with collaborators and clients, to formulate thoughtful strategies for cultural engagement, collections and programming.

Ganendra was appointed to the Tate Gallery Acquisitions Committee (SAAC) in 2017, and has served on various creative panels including: the Fashion Film Awards – ASVOFF 6 at the Pompidou Centre,Paris; the Sovereign Art Prize; the Commonwealth International Artists Residencies; and the inaugural Caochangdi PhotoSpring Festival(a collaboration with Les Rencontres d’Arles Photography Festival), in Beijing. She has been a nominator for the Smithsonian Institution’s SARF program (Smithsonian Artist Residency Fellowship) and a Chief Judge for the Commonwealth Foundation Art Awards. In 2019, She was awarded a Visiting Research Fellowship, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University and a Visiting Fellowship, Dept. of Anthropology, Oxford University, to further research on image and identity.

She is a qualified New York Attorney and Barrister at Law, and practised corporate finance law with a Wall Street firm before immersion in the cultural field.