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b.1939   Malaysia


Eric Peris is one of South East Asia’s foremost photographers, who is best known for his evocative, monochrome landscapes. He often hand tints works, thereby combining his painterly and photographic aesthetics.


Born in Johor, Peris studied physics at the University of Singapore, but throughout his life he studied art under his father, the Royal Artist of Johor, and later taught himself the art of Photography. Peris’ background in Physics has contributed to his artistic aesthetic, as he used his study to look at his subjects through different angles.


Now in his 70s, Peris’ lifetime of work covers a wide range of subject matter, however throughout all his art spirituality, poetry and nature permeates. Buddhism is central to Peris’ work, and his stills often capture aspects of his faith – nothing is permanent. His work captures the fleeting nature of life itself, and the impermanence of both nature and manmade structures. Moreover, Buddhism teaches one never to accept things at face value, and Peris uses his work to question the world around him.


Peris’ work is characterised by his evocative, hauntingly beautiful landscapes, underpinned by the tension between natural and man-made elements.

Limestone Cliffs in a Mining Pool, 2012


45 x 68 cm

Important publications:



Landscapes – A Photographic Study of the Tin Mine Landscapes, Malaysia, 1980


Images of Gitanjali, (Pictorial study of the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore), 1984


The Malaysian Heritage Homes, 1989


Asian Art Newspaper, November 2007



TIN MINE LANDSCAPE SERIES – Twenty three images in series (See digital gallery).


Black & White Lambda Print, Edition 10


36” x 54”, Ed 1 – 5; 18” x 27in, Ed 6 – 10.




SELECTed biography





2000 - Current  Chairman, Press Awards for Photography, Malaysia

Consultant for photojournalist training programs

Judge for regional and local photography contests




Full-time photographer


1996  Co-curator, national program, Photography as Art, National Art Gallery , Kuala Lumpur


1994  Jury member of the 18th Photo Contest in Asia/Pacific Region, organised for UNESCO (ACCU)


1991-1994  Photo Editor of The New Straits Times (national newspaper)


1988-1990  Photographic consultant and photo coordinator for the Trans Borneo Expeditions


1987-1989  Conducted New Straits Times/Kodak Photographic Outing program for amateurs


1986-19991  ASEAN and National level Co-chairman of the yearly National Productivity Photographic Contest


1984-1986  Photographic coordinator and Director of the Confederation of ASEAN Journalists


1982-1983  Malaysian delegate to the ASEAN Symposium of Painting, Photography and Graphic Art in Bangkok and in Kuala Lumpur






2013  National Art and Visual Gallery Award for contribution to Photography, Malaysia    Select Major Exhibitions

Tin Mine Landscapes, Shalini Ganendra Fine Art

Parallax ASEAN: Changing Landscapes and Wandering Stars, Seoul, South Korea


2012  Mal, Kuala Lumpur


2011  Images of George Town 70s, 80s,, Alpha Gallery, Penang


2010  Winds of Desire, an exhibition by Malaysian artists of Indian and Sri Lankan origin, The Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur


2009  The Way I See Kuala Lumpur


2008  Out of the Box, Shalini Ganendra Fine Art


Stirring Odissi, Gallery Petronas, Kuala Lumpur


The Form and Emptyness, Joint exhibition Eric Peris and Victor Chin, KL Performing Arts Centre            Significant Collections      National Gallery of Art, Malaysia


Petronas Gallery, Malaysia


Central Bank of Malaysia


American Express


Malaysian Airlines


Numerous local and international private collections.

Santara series

Pine needles, acorns and sand

Handcoloured, unique print