Editions, 2018

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September 12   –   December 15,   2018

EDITIONS brings together artists to consider the art and medium of multiples in both serial and unique forms. ‘Editions’ in the traditional artistic context brings to mind  reproduction – think ‘prints’ or ‘photographs’. This project explores broader practical implications of ‘editions’ for creators, extending the concept to an array of mediums including: animation, video,  digital, handmade and embellished works.

EDITIONS features both artists whose practices are directly influenced by the consideration of multiples, and also artists whose current works are unique, including: the partnership of Talha KK + Tsa Meera of Imaginary 23, who recently directed Kyoto Protocol’s latest music video Delta Wing; Mahen Bala‘s wonderful 222KM series that captures the soon to be historic railway stations on the West Coast of Malaysia; veteran art photographer, Eric Peris’ hand-printed silver gelatin works Tin Mine Landscapes (as published); unique, hand stencilled, identically repeated artwork on tables by Nowornever Design, a creative and experimental design hub; award winning Haris Abadi‘s newest animation on digital canvas accompanied by instrumental Kelantanese wayang kulit music. Joining also are artists whose current practices are not steeped in the consideration of multiples, such as eminent Sri Lankan talent, Sujeewa Kumari, whose specially commissioned Threading Tales series features vintage sepia images on canvas, embellished with the artist’s signature thread and paint work, creating beautifully unique canvases out of a traditionally repetitive photographic format.

Finally, the XYZ Brick Chords Pavilion, the fourth edition of SGA’s PavilionNOW project, designed and constructed by the dynamic young firm, XYZ Design, to serve as an interactive architectural feature at Gallery Residence for contemplation and celebration.