Brick Chords, 2018



Lead by the newly established XYZ Studio, the Brick Chords Pavilion celebrates the use of accessible materials to create an interwoven and elegant structure of solid and open spaces, incorporating natural elements to create a sensory dynamic structure, offering respite and tranquility.

Made completely out of cement brick, Brick Chords showcases the use of masonry and parametric design – by human hands. Working with Shalini Ganendra Advisory through all aspects of design, development, and construction, XYZ’s Pavilion final structure engages dynamically with its environment through the action of recycling – it incorporates pre-existing red steel poles and allows the natural elements of heat and wind to interact with both user and structure.

Still retaining certain flourishes endemic to masonry construction in Malaysia, the final structure reinterprets and re-purposes local materials in a creative new installation.