Shalini Ganendra Fine Art advisory
Azliza Ayob b. 1975 Malaysia “I find being creative is somehow connected with being frugal... I think of creating art as a way to empower our economy, to live cleaner and greener, to help us think of sustenance and sustainability as a way to maintain our freedom.” Azliza Ayob is an artist who works in many mediums, such as painting, collage, and installation. She’s been working as an artist, facilitator, and educator for 15 years now, exhibiting both locally and internationally. Her first solo exhibition was in 2014, titled All That Glitters, at Wei-Ling Contemporary in KL, drawing on the artist’s extant fascination with shiny, sparkling objects. As a child, the artist seemed to find herself drawn to such items, picking them up as she would stumble upon them while out playing, adding them to her growing collection of like objects. Known for her collage work, the artist’s main aim with this particular mode of media is to give new meaning to existing popular images. For her, collage involves a well thought out plan and process, to produce striking visuals and deliver effective and meaningful narratives from the simple acts of cutting and pasting. More recently, Azliza has moved towards considering how art can contribute to the wider community. During her residency at Rimbun Dahan, nature was a core inspiration, and she sought to move towards materials that reflected her growing interest and concern to preserve the natural environment (plastic/unwanted materials and objects).
First Class, 2016 Acrylic, collage and glitter on paper 68 x 90 cm (Framed)
Black Series, 2011 Acrylic, collage and rhinestones on board 87 x 49 cm each (Framed)