Shalini Ganendra, cultural advisor and entrepreneur, has developed important platforms for multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural engagement and exploration for over twenty years. Developing meaningful and impactful cultural encounters has been the central impetus for the SGAdvisory.

“Shalini Ganendra Advisory has developed the idea of Cultural Entrepreneurship to included not only value creation through the development and innovation of ‘cultural capital’ for positive social and individual impact, but through trans-national and multi-disciplinary dynamics.“ Shalini Ganendra


Pioneering projects have been introduced to South East Asia through the Advisory, including the Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur, Exhibitions and Education modules. The Advisory’s organisational objectives and philosophy support regional creators in the propagation and recognition of contemporary, “vernacular” languages and practices.


Ganendra was appointed to the Tate Gallery Acquisitions Committee (SAAC) in 2017, and has served on numerous international panels including: the Sovereign Art Prize; the inaugural Caochangdi PhotoSpring Festival (Les Rencontres d’Arles Photography Festival), in Beijing; as nominator for the Smithsonian Institution’s SARF program (Smithsonian Artist Residency Fellowship); and a Chief Judge for the Commonwealth Foundation Art Awards.

She is a law graduate from Cambridge University with an L.L.M. from Columbia University Law School, and a qualified UK Barrister and NY Attorney. She practiced corporate finance law on Wall Street before developing the Advisory to combine a passion for visual education and collecting with the high deliverables of quality cultural projects. Through this international, multi-disciplinary expertise, she provides guidance tailored to each project, whether for private/institutional collections or city wide platforms, appreciating the need for identity and narrative to succeed.